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Alternative Treatment
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The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) found that one out of every 10 American adults is addicted to drugs or alcohol. If you are one of them countless Americans struggling with addiction, help in the Arkansas region is attainable. Learn more about your treatment options below.


What Type of Treatment is Available for Addiction?

When it comes to drug or alcohol addiction, there are two main types of treatment available: inpatient rehabilitation and outpatient rehabilitation. Both options offer similar services and may also incorporate alternative treatment methods. However, inpatient care is the leading option because it has proven to produce the longest lasting results. This is because it requires patients to live on-site, while outpatient rehabilitation centers do not. Inpatient care is much more inclusive and allows patients to focus solely on their recovery. On the other hand, outpatient care is more flexible and is designed to meet the needs of working adults or anyone else unable to commit to a residential rehabilitation program.

Both types of rehabilitation offer similar services such as behavioral therapy, individual counseling and group therapy. Alternative treatments such as 12 step meetings, exercise programs and mindfulness boosting methodologies may also be included.


What is Alternative Treatment?

Alternative treatment for drug addiction includes any methodology not traditionally used. These types of programs are typically used simultaneously with an individualized treatment plan conducted in a rehabilitation facility, but can also be sought out separately. Many of these programs in Arkansas emphasize creativity, stress reduction and mindfulness, all of which can contribute to your recovery. Some of the most popular options include the following:

  • Art Therapy: Art therapy and music therapy are similar in the sense that they offer a creative outlet to recovering addicts. This in turn can help individuals develop healthy coping strategies to combat cravings and triggers. As an added benefit, many people in recovery develop a deep appreciation for creative therapies and continue to pursue them upon completion of treatment.
  • Biofeedback: Biofeedback is a highly unique and modern therapy designed to teach patients how to control their normal, everyday bodily functions. Breathing, heart rate and muscle tension are examples of processes that can be controlled through biofeedback. This type of therapy is great for reducing stress and enhancing mindfulness which in turn can significantly reduce compulsive behaviors related to relapse.
  • Restorative Yoga: Restorative yoga is an excellent example of exercise-based alternative treatment in Arkansas that can enhance any recovery plan. It helps patients develop better physical health, which can contribute to lower levels of stress, depression and sadness. It also teaches mindfulness and can help addicts during any stage of recovery.


How Do I Decide Which Treatment is Best?

Choosing a treatment plan in Arkansas can feel overwhelming. To make the best decision possible, you should try to visit several facilities in-person to experience the environment and therapies firsthand. Comparing programs this way ensures that there are no surprises. Addiction is a not a one-size-fits-all type of disease and as such, it requires an immense amount of individualization. Without experiencing potential treatment options first, you won’t know if it will work for you. Fortunately, rehabilitation facilities offer help from addiction specialists who can match you to therapies and activities based on your interests. You can work closely with a specialist to find the best options for your needs.

If you are ready to break the cycle of addiction, don’t hesitate to take action. The longer you wait, the higher your risk of developing serious health complications and other consequences becomes. Contact treatment centers today to get started on your own recovery journey!