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Sober Living
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If you are one of the estimated 23.5 million American adults struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction (according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Science Administration), you should know that help is not only available, but also within reach. Sober living in Arkansas is an excellent option for anyone that is committed to maintaining sobriety. Learn more about it below to decide if it is a good option for your needs.

What is Sober Living?

Sober living is a term used to describe communities that are committed to maintaining sobriety. Often times, sober living facilities in Arkansas are residential homes led by a house manager. These types of programs offer reasonably priced housing to recovering addicts who would prefer to live among other recovering addicts. Sober living facilities also offer support groups, meetings, and other valuable amenities. Many facilities also provide transportation to and from 12-step meetings, doctor’s appointments and therapy.


Who Could Benefit from Sober Living?

Sober living facilities in Arkansas can help anyone that is serious about their recovery. These homes are especially beneficial for recovering addicts who have active addicts in their household. They can also benefit individuals struggling with loneliness and isolation as they provide constant companionship from other members in the facility. It can also help individuals struggling with mental illness, as healthy socialization has proven to be a beneficial part of symptom management.


What Are Some of the Benefits?

There are many benefits to living in a sober living facility. Some of the most noteworthy include the following:

  • Constant support from other residents
  • Emphasis on healthy communication
  • Development of practical coping skills
  • Socialization among other sober individuals
  • Ability to develop new interests and hobbies unrelated to substances
  • Sense of community and belonging

Sober living is not a replacement for traditional treatment options such as inpatient or outpatient rehabilitation. Instead, it can serve as a transitional tool in achieving sober, independent living again. These types of facilities also offer residents the chance to practice their newly developed strategies and apply them to real world situations. As a result, residents often feel more comfortable with using healthy coping mechanisms. They may also feel more confident in their ability to maintain sobriety when they decide to live independently.


How Do I Find a Sober Living Community?

Finding an Arkansas based sober living home is easy. If you are receiving treatment currently, planning on doing so in the near future or have completed a treatment plan, you can contact your provider for recommendations. Not all sober living homes offer the same amenities, which is why it is important to take the time to compare several different options before making a final decision. Be sure to visit each option in-person so you can meet the residents and experience the atmosphere in the home. Sober living homes are typically coed, but gender-specific communities are widely available as well.

Each sober living has its own set of requirements, guidelines and rules that all residents must follow. In many cases, strict substance abuse rules are in place that can jeopardize your ability to continue residing at a facility upon relapse. This is why it is important to determine if sober living is the best option for you beforehand. In addition to this, many facilities require mandatory drug testing. Strict procedures such as this help residents stay on track in their recovery.

Recovering from a substance use disorder is not a short-lived task. In fact, many professionals believe that it is a lifelong pursuit. However, with education, tools and practice, you can rest assured knowing that it gets easier over time. If you are serious about overcoming addiction once and for all, sober living may be the right option for you. Contact an Arkansas facility today.